Teaching Staff

Dr. Surendra Kumar SinghM.A. , LL.M. , Ph.D.Principal
Mr. Vijay Pratap SinghM.A. , LL.M.Assistant Professor
Dr. Uday Pratap SinghM.A. , LL.M. ,(Gold Medallist), Ph.D.Assistant Professor
Mr. Subash Chandra YadavM.A. , LL.M. Assistant Professor
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Singh M.A. , LL.M.Assistant Professor
Mr. Dhiraj Kumar PandeyM.A. , LL.M.Assistant Professor
Mr. Dheerendra Pratap Singh L.L.MAssistant Professor
Mr. Saiyyad Kaleem Akhtar L.L.MAssistant Professor
Mr. Vikash Singh (M.A., Net Qualified) Lecturer of Sociology
Mr. Uday Pratap Singh (M.A., Net Qualified)Lecturer of Political Science
Mr. Birendra Kumar Maurya (M.A., Net Qualified)Lecturer of Economic
Dr. Rajesh Kumar (M.A., Net; Ph.D.)Lecturer of History
Dr. Meenakshi Srivastava (M.A., Net; Ph.D.)Lecturer of English
Mr. Vijay Agarhari ...Accountant